Thursday, 7 April 2011

Deadpool #1 (1997)

Synopsis: Deadpool steals a weapon from the Bolivian government for the local revolutionaries, only to be paid in false money, so he wipes out the revolutionaries and heads back home. Back at his hideaway, Blind Al steals some thin mints from a Girl Scout, and Deadpool fixes his teleporter
Writer: Joe Kelly

Penciler: Ed McGuiness
Inker:  Norman Lee
Review: It may be slightly presumptuous to say that this comic is perfectly written but i shall say it anyway Joe Kelly finds the perfect balance when mixing insanity with humour. It never feels like the jokes are being overly forced which is unusual when the majority of them concern  Sandra Bullock the other characters are all written well with only a hint of racism put in for good measure. The art is also done extremely i much prefer the look of Deadpool in this over the 1994 dishevelled look it has a alot brighter more colourful look. Overall a really great comic definitely one to pick up

Grade: A++
Greatest Quote: “"Pwangg?" Trees don't go "Pwangg--" Llamas don't go "Pwangg--" Nothing found in nature goes "Pwangg", which means -- we're officially hip deep in the smelly stuff.” 

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