Friday, 8 April 2011

Captain America #1 (1941)

Synopsis: This is the first appearance for Captain America, and his teenage side kick James "Bucky" Barnes. The two star-spangled heroes fight rotten Nazis like The Red Skull, who also debuted in this issue. 

Writer: Joe Simon
Penciler: Jack Kirby

Review: I'm Going to start off this review by simply saying I am not a fan of Captain America its not the writing or the art its purely for the fact that I don't class him as a superhero he isn't super he is just a really strong man. It's the same as why I don't like batman he's just a guy with a really cool utility belt. Nevertheless i shall my personal views aside, Every single comic fan whether you like cap or not you have to respect it for what it did for marvel. The writing is consistently good throughout and never takes itself too seriously the characters are also done well Caps sidekick Buckys character unashamedly camp throughout. The real surprise comes in the writing for Cap we think of him in past comics as this squeaky clean guy that will do nothing wrong no matter what, where in reality his character has alot of dark moments one of which he murders someone and then claims that they killed themselves, I thought this was a nice side of cap it gives him more depth making you think that even the most squeaky clean heroes have a dark side. The art is great all the way through years ahead of its time and with the iconic front cover of Cap punching Hitler. I would definitely recommend you pick this up if just for learning how Cap began. 
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Grade: B+
Greatest Quote: “TASTE MY FOOT


  1. I've always loved the vintage comic style artwork. I also like your point of view on things, you got me interested. I'm following.

  2. hey dude, where could i read The Green Hornet comics online?

  3. After doing a bit of research the only place i found is at. Each one is about $4 each wasnt able to find anywhere to get them for free.