Monday, 11 April 2011

Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #39) 1963

Synopsis: Billionaire weapons manufacturer and socialite Anthony Edward 'Tony' Stark takes a business trip to Vietnam in order to assist the war effort by unveiling new technologies to the U.S. Forces. Unfortunately, an explosion leaves Stark fatally injured and in the hands of the tyrant Wong-Chu, who forces Tony to spend his last days building weapons for his enemy.

While in captivity the dying Tony meets famed Chinese Dr. Ho Yinsen, and the two begin working on an iron suit that will not only extend Tony's life, but also perform amazing feats of power. Thus, Tony is reborn as the Iron Man, the near-invincible hero with one key weakness -- his failing heart. 

Writer: Stan Lee
Script: Larry Lieber
Art: Don Heck
Review: This a somewhat challenging review to write the main reason being is that its hard to find  faults with this comic i guess one small fault i could give is that at times the art is quite dull and it could be brightened up a bit. Now we've got that out the way we can move onto the good stuff the writing in this comic is unusual yet superb the writer describes Tony Stark how Times magazine would describe their billionaire of the year which i thought was a really nice touch and rarely seen in a comic. This is the first time i have ever read this comic so i was surprised to find how true to the comic that the film is even with the look of the mark 1 suit, although the suit we know today is a much much different suit, the original suits greatest ability was the ultra high tech suction pads on his hands to be able to grab the ceiling and hide from his villains . While this isn't the most action packed nor the longest its still a great read a manages to mix intelligent humour with a serious plot, A great read definitely one to pick up.
Grade: A
Greatest Quote: “I'm like a baby
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Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Incredible Hulk (Tales to Astonish #60)

Synopsis: Our story begins in a hidden cave in the New Mexico desert, where the rampaging Hulk is once again going through the process of reverting into his alter ego: Bruce Banner. After the transformation is complete, Banner begins to wonder if the Hulk is his true self and wonders if he'll ever be free of his curse.
Writer: Steve Ditko
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inking: George Roussos
Review: I want to start by saying that this is not the first ever Hulk comic but it is the first of the hulk that we all know not the original grey vampire style intelligent hulk. The Incredible Hulk is different from every other comic because it has the whole Jekyll and Hyde aspect no matter how good Bruce Banner is and how much he tries to hold back the hulk he cant and when he changes there's nothing he can do to control him. This issue is the first time that Banner realises  that turning into the Hulk is controlled by his emotions. I also like how the Hulk acts if he is not threatened he will just run and just wants to be left in peace but if he encounters something stronger than him survival of the fittest kicks this aspect has been lost in the new comics as Banner has full control over the hulk which is a real shame. Ditko did a great job on the writing and splitting the Hulk and Banner in the Stan Lee originals it felt that Hulk was just a tall green version of Banner in this one it feels Banner is a nice guy who hates what he becomes and Hulk is the primitive simple monster that wants to be left alone. Kirby did an amazing job on the art doing real justice to the characters and creating the Massive green monster with ripped purple trousers that we all know and love.The Hulk is personally my favourite comics they have so much depth yet are a  really easy read, if you haven't read any hulk comics then you are really missing out  
Grade: A***
Greatest Quote: “Hulk Smash” 

Friday, 8 April 2011

Captain America #1 (1941)

Synopsis: This is the first appearance for Captain America, and his teenage side kick James "Bucky" Barnes. The two star-spangled heroes fight rotten Nazis like The Red Skull, who also debuted in this issue. 

Writer: Joe Simon
Penciler: Jack Kirby

Review: I'm Going to start off this review by simply saying I am not a fan of Captain America its not the writing or the art its purely for the fact that I don't class him as a superhero he isn't super he is just a really strong man. It's the same as why I don't like batman he's just a guy with a really cool utility belt. Nevertheless i shall my personal views aside, Every single comic fan whether you like cap or not you have to respect it for what it did for marvel. The writing is consistently good throughout and never takes itself too seriously the characters are also done well Caps sidekick Buckys character unashamedly camp throughout. The real surprise comes in the writing for Cap we think of him in past comics as this squeaky clean guy that will do nothing wrong no matter what, where in reality his character has alot of dark moments one of which he murders someone and then claims that they killed themselves, I thought this was a nice side of cap it gives him more depth making you think that even the most squeaky clean heroes have a dark side. The art is great all the way through years ahead of its time and with the iconic front cover of Cap punching Hitler. I would definitely recommend you pick this up if just for learning how Cap began. 
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Grade: B+
Greatest Quote: “TASTE MY FOOT

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fantastic Four #18 (1961)

Synopsis: My all time favourite super villain starts in his first comic book outing in which the Skrulls after getting fed up of constantly getting beaten by the Fantastic Four find a way of replicating the teams powers into one Super Skrull how will the team ever defeat Kl'rt.
Writer: Stan "THE MAN" Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inking: Dick Ayers
Review: This comic is a true blast from the past. Around issue 18 is when i the Fantastic Four comics set themselves apart from all others. Lee and Kirby started taking more and more risks and properly developing each of the characters abilities and personality. Its one of the first examples in a comic of team of superheroes that are completely out matched by the villain and have no choice but to run. This adds  a nice feel to the comic we've all gotten so used to these completely unbeatable heroes that no matter how powerful the villain, would get defeated easily. I would definitely recommend this comic even if your not normally a fan of the Fantastic Four one of the great classics and one of Lee and Kirbys greatest work
Grade: A+

X-Force #1 (2008

Synopsis: There are lines that the X-Men have sworn never to cross. But after the shocking events of “Messiah Complex,” Cyclops realizes that some enemies need to be dealt with permanently… and the X-Men can never know about it. Enter WOLVERINE, WARPATH, X-23 and WOLFSBANE…X-FORCE.
Writer: Craig Kyle
Penciler: Clayton Crain
Letterer: Cory Petit
Review: This comic is dark and i mean really dark personally one of the greatest things for me about this comic is how the dynamic has completely shifted in previous X-Men comics Cyclops is the angel on the X-Mens shoulder trying to get them on the righteous path bla bla bla where as Wolverine is usually the devil on the shoulder trying to stop every one being such pansys. Well in this Cyclops finally grows a pair and realises that the old peaceful X-Men wont cut it and that drastic measures must be taken if they are to survive. The story is serviceable although some of the reasons they give for some of the characters joining the X-Force is slightly patchy. The art is also pretty good nothing special its never going to win any awards but it does the job of being dark and gritty. Overall a good comic worth a read

Grade: B
Greatest Quote: “Damn Summers i dont know if i should be impress or worried you've snapped, whats frost say about all this , Emma doesent need to know , Okay im impressed” 

Deadpool #1 (1997)

Synopsis: Deadpool steals a weapon from the Bolivian government for the local revolutionaries, only to be paid in false money, so he wipes out the revolutionaries and heads back home. Back at his hideaway, Blind Al steals some thin mints from a Girl Scout, and Deadpool fixes his teleporter
Writer: Joe Kelly

Penciler: Ed McGuiness
Inker:  Norman Lee
Review: It may be slightly presumptuous to say that this comic is perfectly written but i shall say it anyway Joe Kelly finds the perfect balance when mixing insanity with humour. It never feels like the jokes are being overly forced which is unusual when the majority of them concern  Sandra Bullock the other characters are all written well with only a hint of racism put in for good measure. The art is also done extremely i much prefer the look of Deadpool in this over the 1994 dishevelled look it has a alot brighter more colourful look. Overall a really great comic definitely one to pick up

Grade: A++
Greatest Quote: “"Pwangg?" Trees don't go "Pwangg--" Llamas don't go "Pwangg--" Nothing found in nature goes "Pwangg", which means -- we're officially hip deep in the smelly stuff.” 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Nova #1 (1976)

Synopsis: When a Nova Prime Centurion finds himself dying, he passes his powers on to Earth teen Richard Rider.
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Penciler: John Buscema
Inker: Joe Sinnott
Review: Take one part Green Lantern and one part Spider-Man mix them together and you get Nova a throwback to the bronze age of comic books with an art style extremely reminiscent of early X-Men. It has the classic set-up nerdy kid with an inferiority complex searching for a way out. Enter Nova Prime searching for the monster Zorr who destroyed his homeworld dies and gives Richard Rider his powers and armour puns ensue. This is the sort of comic that will only strike home with a certain audience personally i loved it shameless puns and overzealous characters whats not to love
Grade: A
Greatest Quote: “Zorr will kill you again! As easily as Zorr destroyed your PUNY WORLD!”